20 February 2008


I've enjoyed using the prayers in the Book of Common Prayer, particularly the Morning and Evening Prayers from the 1928 BCP. But while I don't mind using the more formal language (Thee, Thy, Thine, etc.) for prayers in corporate settings, it seems too formal during personal prayer times. So I updated the language a little. Mainly just losing the archaic pronouns and a few other terms while keeping the prayers mostly as is. Some may hate it, but I thought I'd put it out there for those that might enjoy using it.

Morning and Evening Prayers (PDF file)

Again, I hope I haven't committed some kind of sacrilege in doing this. I just wanted something that sounded a little bit closer to how I actually talk to God, only more eloquent. ;)

One other thing: I've been contemplating migrating to Wordpress for this blog. Anyone got any pros and cons for either? Preferences?


Qatfish said...

Hey, '28 Morning & Evening Prayer with modern pronouns? Rock on.

Ragamuffin said...


I'm glad you think it was a worthwhile idea. You never know how people will take someone messing with their traditions.

Any thoughts on the Wordpress vs Blogger thing?

Qatfish said...

I don't blog, so I'm not much help there.