19 October 2008

Musical Disconnect

This will be quick. I'm in church this morning. We went to the contemporary service this week. It was fine for the most part. But sometimes I wonder if the worship leader pays attention to the lyrics of the songs he chooses.

After one song is done, the band goes quiet for a few seconds. Then the drummer starts in with a driving beat on the toms and kick drum. A drum solo of sorts. He does this for several bars and then the lyrics start:

In the secret,
In the quiet place
In the stillness You are there
In the secret,
In the quiet hour I wait only for You
Cause, I want to know You more

Shouldn't lyrics talking about the "secret, quiet place" and the "stillness" where you wait on the Lord be accompanied by music that would convey that thought as well?

Call me crazy...


Jeff said...

You're crazy. No, not really. The contemporary worship scene is a mess. Our idea of what church should look like has been accepted w/o much critical thought (it seems to me). I wish we more of us could find meaningful ways to interact and praise that include the music/worship thing.

Qatfish said...


I guess they're just trying to tell you about the narrator's experience of stillness and quiet, not help you participate in it yourself. ;)

Fr. Ernesto Obregon said...

We Eastern Orthodox are at the other extreme. We have people who question whether we can use "new" music (even though the words remain unchanged). Those people of ours are as extreme as some of the emergents who have discarded everything.

Those emergents are like the Anabaptists of the Reformation. They, too, imagine that they are building a New Testament Christianity save that they do not try to replicate New Testament worship, like the Anabaptists. Rather, they argue that New Testament Christianity means that they are free to do as they wish in worship, even if there is a musical disconnect. GRIN.

But, you have a point. It is a musical disconnect is it not?

Ragamuffin said...

Yes. And it drives me crazy. It gets especially bad during Holy Communion. At a time where everything about the service should be geared toward contemplating Christ's sacrifice, I've got this light pop/adult contemporary stuff playing and half the time, the lyrics have nothing to do with communion, Christ's death, or anything of the sort. Just generic praise lyrics set to bland, uninspiring inspo-pop.

Stacey said...

This is like an eerie memory from my past (three plus years ago) down to the lyrics, the drums, everything... uncanny!

Susanne Barrett said...

Amen to that -- we sing that song in our evangelical church, too, to a really loud beat, everyone clapping along. The disconnect between the words and the music certainly leaves something to be desired.

Glad I found your blog after reading your comments on iMonk. You've now been added to my Google Reader. :)

Susanne in Southern California

Ragamuffin said...

Great to have you reading Suzanne! I love iMonk's blog so if you came here through his place, you're good people.

I'll have to check your blog out too. Now, are you Catholic or do you attend a liturgical non-Catholic (with a capital "C") church?