09 January 2009

10 Really Bad Reasons Not To Have The Lord's Supper

From The Blogging Parson.

My favorites:
7. We haven't had it for so long that now it is weird.

10. Having done away with the old formal ways of doing the Lord's Supper, we can't decide on a new, less formal way of doing it that isn't awkward and weird.

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eulogos said...

I am afraid this makes this Catholic think, "Oh, you poor Protestants. " It is good that this post points to an intention to have the "Lord's Supper" more. But there is so much that you are missing. Please go ahead and rediscover everything which is meant by "Do this in remembrance of me." Jesus already knows you believe in Him and love Him. Now He wants to give Himself to you as food for your pilgrimage on earth.
Susan Peterson

Stacey said...


I'd love to hear how you are doing in your thoughts on Protestantism and Catholicism. Right now I'm drowning in a sea of apologetic attacks, forgetting which way is up. Love to see a new post from you.

Ragamuffin said...

Hi Stacey,

I'm actually putting my thoughts together for a post, but have a sick kid so I haven't worked it all out.

Plus, I've been playing the "via media" between my Catholic best friend and a non-Christian at work. :)